Soulr Pro Adjustable Carbon Fiber Paddle

Soulr Pro Adjustable Carbon Fiber Paddle
Soulr Pro Adjustable Carbon Fiber Paddle Soulr Pro Adjustable Carbon Fiber Paddle
Brand: Soulr
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You might be riding that SUP board on the water, but you’re constantly working with your paddle to get it moving. That’s why we went the extra mile designing a SUP paddle that exceeds expectations. The first decision was to use carbon fiber, a high-tech material that has many advantages: weight, strength and flexibility. Weighing just 1.4 LBs, this paddle is extremely light, reducing arm fatigue and making you a faster paddler. But don’t be fooled by the light weight, this paddle is strong! With every stroke, you’ll feel it flex and release into the water, thrusting you forward without wasting any energy.

We sized the blade on our paddle to measure 8.5” wide by 18” tall. This is the ideal size for easy paddling on flat water, or burst paddling into a wave. And since you will be constantly switching the paddle between hands, we designed our handle to be ergonomically shaped so it fits perfectly into your palm. Don’t be fooled by other paddles with a “universal” grip. An ergonomic handle makes switching sides more intuitive, and helps relieve hand-strain on long distance journeys.

Best of all, our paddles are adjustable from 74” - 89.5”, in 3/4” increments. The rule of thumb for sizing your paddle is 10-12” taller than your height. This means our paddle is versatile enough to work for people ranging from 5’2” to 6’7”. A craftsman is only as good as his tools, so invest in the best with a Soulr Pro Adjustable Carbon Fiber Paddle!

Features & Specs

Blade Size 8.5” x 18”
Length Adjustable from 74” - 89.5”, in 3/4” increments
Weight 1.4 LBs (0.64 KGs)
Shaft Diameter 1.14" (29mm)
Finish Carbon Fiber, Glossed & Polished

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