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Soulr Carbon Fiber Pin Tail Surfboard

Soulr Carbon Fiber Pin Tail Surfboard
Soulr Carbon Fiber Pin Tail Surfboard Soulr Carbon Fiber Pin Tail Surfboard
Brand: Soulr
Product Code: SS-CARBONPIN-12

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If your in a heavy, steep wave, you'll need a surfboard that's as fast as you can think.  This little pintail is narrow and thin, providing ultra fast response in extreme conditions.  If you look at the tail line, you'll notice it tapers off smoothly in the last 1/3 of the board. This gives you a fast, but progressive feel when making rail-to-rail transitions. On the bottom deck, you'll find a single-to-double concave that flows into a 5-fin setup. This configuration builds speed with every pump, giving you the ability to push through the tightest of sections.  If you need a go-to board for those big wave days, this pintail is it!

Features & Specs

Length 6'1" x 18" x 2.25"
Construction Carbon Fiber & Low VOC Epoxy Resin
Foam Hand Shaped XPS Foam Core, Full Length Wood Stringer
Bottom Contour Single to Double Concave
Tail Design Pin Tail
Finish Carbon Fiber, Gloss & Polish
Fin Configuration 5-Fin Setup
Included Fins Set of (5) FCS G5 Fins

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