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Soulr Swallow Tail Carbon Fiber Surfboard

Soulr Swallow Tail Carbon Fiber Surfboard
Soulr Swallow Tail Carbon Fiber Surfboard Soulr Swallow Tail Carbon Fiber Surfboard
Brand: Soulr
Product Code: 58CF-STSHORT-12

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This swallow tailed short board was designed to be fast, light and loose!  Due to its short stature, it's got a little extra girth in the mid section to aid your paddle. But once you're up and going, this little board becomes a rocket ship!  The quad fins provide additional drive and hold on the wave face, so you can clear fast sections with confidence. When you're ready for a cut back, the unique tail design lets you whip it quick.  

In this board, we use an XPS foam blank with a 1/4" wooden stringer. After it is hand shaped, we wrap it in carbon fiber and coat it with a UV protectant for a lifetime of service.  Due to the construction techniques, this board has ideal flex patterns: the harder you push it, the faster it responds. Comes complete with a set of FCS G-5 fins, which is a great choice for a variety of surf conditions.

Features & Specs

Length 5'8" x 18.5" x 2.5"
Construction Carbon Fiber & Low VOC Epoxy Resin
Foam Hand Shaped XPS Foam Core, Full Length Wood Stringer
Bottom Contour Single to Double Concave
Tail Design Swallow Tail
Finish Carbon Fiber, Gloss & Polish
Fin Configuration Quad Fin, FCS
Included Fins Set of (4) FCS G5 Fins

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