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Soulr Quad Fin Performance Fish Surfboard

Soulr Quad Fin Performance Fish Surfboard
Soulr Quad Fin Performance Fish Surfboard
Brand: Soulr
Product Code: SS-FISHQF-12

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The Soulr performance fish surfboard combines the speed and agility of a shortboard with the float of a fish.  We made this board a bit narrower than our retro fish, but still wider and thicker than our shortboards.  And with the quad-fin FCS setup, this fish will hold better on steeper waves and provide additional drive down the line.  This quad fin fish is great for any type of wave, big or small. 

Features & Specs

Length 6'4" x 21" x 2.5"
Construction Fiberglass and Low VOC Epoxy Resin
Foam Hand Shaped XPS Foam Core, Full Length Wood Stringer
Bottom Contour V-Concave at the Nose, Single Concave at the Tail
Tail Design Fish / Swallow Tail
Finish Silk Screen Graphics, Light Polish
Fin Configuration Quad Fin
Included Fins Set of (4) FCS FIns

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