Why Do People Stand Up Paddle Board

    If you've never been on a stand up paddle board (SUP), it can be hard to understand the attraction. But you'll have to trust me when I say it is incredibly fun. If I had to boil it down to two things, it'd be:



    Stand up paddling is an incredible exercise routine. You can easily traverse +4 miles and burn 200-500 calories an hour under recreational conditions. And you will work out a variety of muscle groups, including:

    • Biceps, Shoulders and Lats
    • Abs and Obliques
    • Quads and Calves

    Your core strength and balance will also improve. Best of all, this is a low-impact sport, so your joints are protected. It's a full body workout that most other sports can't offer.


    Fun with Friends & Family

    Life is less about the desination and more about the company, so I'll be frank: stand up paddle boarding is always more fun with a buddy. Exploring local bays, lakes and rivers is exciting and adventurous. There is a sense of freedom on the open water: you are in control of where you go, fueled by the energy of your body. Those are your limits, nothing more and nothing less.

    On the water, you'll be closer to wildlife than ever before. In San Diego, we regularly see dolphins, birds, sea lions, seals, fish and stunning seascapes. Up close and personal, from a vantage point you'd never see from land. And there's nothing like sharing that sensation with close friend.


    Bang for the buck, it's hard to beat the exercise vs. fun ratio. Standup paddle boarding leads to a fit, fun and exciting venture on the open water. So get started today. With a Soulr stand up paddle board under your feet, the possibilities are endless.

    Bonus Question: Do you stand up paddle board for a reason other than exercise or fun? Let us know, we want to make boards for you and appreciate the feedback!

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