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SUP Care - How to Maintain your Stand Up Paddle Board

You’ve invested a lot of money in your stand up paddle board, so it’s important you take the time needed to protect your investment. Lucky for you, it’s easy to keep your SUP looking brand new, it just takes a few good habits.

  1. Always wash your SUP after every use. This is especially important if used in salt water, but the same advice holds true for fresh water. Rinsing your board with a hose will help keep bacteria and mildew from growing on your deck pad. And salt water doesn’t evaporate as fast as freshwater, so rinsing your board off will help it dry faster without leaving a salty residue behind.
  2. Pro Tip: Got a dirty deck pad? Try using a little Simple Green to remove dirt, mildew or rust. Test it in a small area first, but we haven’t seen any negative issues using it on our deck pads.

  3. Rinse all metal parts with freshwater! Even stainless steel can rust, so this is critical to keeping your board tip-top. The usual suspects are: leash plugs, tie down points, fin hardware and leash joints. If you have an adjustable paddle, make sure to rinse out the paddle’s buckle lock. It is also a good idea to pop out the buckle lock so it can air dry without contacting the paddle. The last thing you want is the buckle to rust onto the paddle.
  4. If you’re not using the SUP, keep it out of the sun. When stand up paddle boards get too hot, the EPS foam core can become unstable, causing delamination. This means you get air pockets between the epoxy shell and the foam core. All of our stand up paddle boards have a built-in air vent to help avoid delamination, but it is still possible if the board gets extremely hot. In addition to this, UV rays from the sun can damage the finish on your board. SUPs are designed to be used outdoors, so the finishes are tough, but prolonged exposure to sunlight can tarnish the finish on any board.
  5. Pro Tip: Putting your SUP in a board bag can help protect it from the heat, but it's not fool proof. If in doubt, find some shade.

  6. Check your vent plug to make sure it is finger-tight. The vent plugs help regulate the internal pressure of the board, due to changes in temperature or elevation. We use maintenance-free vents that are water tight, but allow air pressure to equalize. The o-ring on the plug keeps it tightly secured, but it is still a good idea to check occasionally, or if you are extra paranoid, before every outing.

These simple tips will help keep your SUP looking new for years to come, and protect the resale price if you decide to sell.

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