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Soulr Hybrid Swallow Tail Epoxy Surfboard
This hybrid funboard is the perfect shape if you want that "short board feel", but still need a litt..
Based on 2 reviews.
10'8" Soulr Bamboo Stand Up Paddle Board
At 10'8" long, this SUP is a fantastic choice for cruising on flat water, or just catching a few wav..
Soulr "Bottlenose" Mini Egg Board
When the waves are drained out and mushy, you'll need a surfboard that can catch just about anything..
Based on 1 reviews.
Soulr Bat Tail Carbon Fiber Surfboard
If Batman surfed, this is what he would ride!  The Soulr Bat Tail was developed to provide a fa..
Soulr Carbon Fiber Pin Tail Surfboard
If your in a heavy, steep wave, you'll need a surfboard that's as fast as you can think.  This ..
Soulr Pro Adjustable Carbon Fiber Paddle
You might be riding that SUP board on the water, but you’re constantly working with your paddle to g..
Soulr Quad Fin Performance Fish Surfboard
The Soulr performance fish surfboard combines the speed and agility of a shortboard with the float o..
Soulr Round Tail Carbon Fiber Surfboard with Channel Bottom
This 6' round tail surfboard is not your average potato chip. It's fat in the middle, but it tapers ..
Soulr Squash Tail Carbon Fiber Surfboard
This squash tail short board is a proven shape. The flat-back tail provides ample push, allowing you..
Soulr Squash Tail Longboard
For the ultimate ride, look no further than the Soulr squash tail longboard. Hand shaped to perfecti..
Soulr Swallow Tail Carbon Fiber Surfboard
This swallow tailed short board was designed to be fast, light and loose!  Due to its short sta..
Soulr Twin Fin Retro Fish Surfboard
If you want to ride a shorter board in mushy, crumbly surf, the Soulr retro fish surfboard is a grea..
Soulr Woody Funboard
Nothing beats the look of this retro woody! And you'll enjoy long rides and quick turns on this fun..
Based on 1 reviews.
10'0" Soulr Burst Stand Up Paddle Board
Get fit faster with the most compact paddle board in our line up, the Soulr Burst. Built specificall..
11'0" Soulr Woody SUP
It’s hard to find a board more stunning than our 11’0” 3-tone woody SUP. It features traditional foa..
Based on 1 reviews.
Soulr Rounded Pintail Longboard
Enjoy the ultra-smooth ride without sacrificing performance on the Soulr Rounded Pintail Longboard! ..
Based on 1 reviews.
11'6" Soulr Woody Stand Up Paddle Board
Nothing says "Stay Classy" like the look of rich Mahogany and Walnut. And when you cruise across the..
Based on 1 reviews.
10'8" Soulr Dark Woody SUP
Get fit and look good doing it on the 10'8" Soulr Dark Woody SUP! This excellent all-around paddle b..
11'0" Soulr Yoga - Bamboo Stand Up Paddle Board
Perform your down dog in style with the Soulr Yoga SUP! Featuring a real bamboo veneer on the top an..
Based on 1 reviews.
11'6" Soulr Bamboo Stand Up Paddle Board
Do you want to glide across the water with ease and grace? Then choose the ultra stable platform of ..
Based on 2 reviews.
Soulr Mini-Mal Surfboard
Get ready for some fun sessions with this Mini Mal surfboard!  We took our most popular long bo..
10'8" Soulr Woody SUP
This boards a real looker, don't you think? But beauty isn't just skin deep. This woody SUP features..
Based on 1 reviews.
Soulr Mini Longboard
If you want a beginner-friendly surfboard under 9', this is it! Our mini-longboard is extra wide tho..
9'2" Soulr Diamond Tail SUP
If you want a high performance surf SUP, this diamond tail paddle board is it. Measuring 9'2" long, ..
Soulr Eclipse - 12' Stand Up Paddle Board
Large and in charge, the Soulr Eclipse is a SUP to be reckoned with! Measuring 12' long, 31" wide a..
Soulr Squash Tail Epoxy Shortboard
It's a classic shortboard shape, blown up to 6'6".  It floats and paddles well, making it a gre..

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