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Are you looking for a short board that is incredibly fast, snappy and tough-as-nails? Then take a hard look at our line of carbon fiber surfboards. Under your feet, they feel like a traditional fiberglass board: fast, light and responsive. But a Soulr carbon fiber surfboard is stronger and tougher than any other surfboard out there. It will exceed your expectations in a huge range of surf conditions.

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Soulr Bat Tail Carbon Fiber Surfboard
If Batman surfed, this is what he would ride!  The Soulr Bat Tail was developed to provide a fa..
Soulr Carbon Fiber Pin Tail Surfboard
If your in a heavy, steep wave, you'll need a surfboard that's as fast as you can think.  This ..
Soulr Round Tail Carbon Fiber Surfboard with Channel Bottom
This 6' round tail surfboard is not your average potato chip. It's fat in the middle, but it tapers ..
Soulr Squash Tail Carbon Fiber Surfboard
This squash tail short board is a proven shape. The flat-back tail provides ample push, allowing you..
Soulr Swallow Tail Carbon Fiber Surfboard
This swallow tailed short board was designed to be fast, light and loose!  Due to its short sta..

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