10'8" Soulr Bamboo Stand Up Paddle Board

10'8" Soulr Bamboo Stand Up Paddle Board
10'8" Soulr Bamboo Stand Up Paddle Board 10'8" Soulr Bamboo Stand Up Paddle Board 10'8" Soulr Bamboo Stand Up Paddle Board
Brand: Soulr
Product Code: 10-8-SUP-BAM-ST-12

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At 10'8" long, this SUP is a fantastic choice for cruising on flat water, or just catching a few waves. Beginners and experts alike can appreciate the stable platform, beautiful design and solid construction. The core is 100% hand shaped EPS foam, built using our premium epoxy sandwich construction, then vacuum sealed with epoxy resin for a lightweight, durable paddle board. Once the board is water tight, we lay a real bamboo veneer on the top and bottom, paint the rails and polish the SUP to a perfect shine.

On the bottom of this bamboo SUP, you'll find a 2 + 1 FCS fin setup. Use just the big center fin for cruising around, or add in the side fins for extra hold in the waves. If you want to surf this paddle board, you'll appreciate the wide squash tail design, which helps you push this SUP into the wave, and aids in providing stability to the entire paddle board.

Features & Specs

Size 10'8" x 32" x 5"
Volume ~175 Liters
Weight 25.1 LBs (11.4 KG)
Foam Hand Shaped EPS Foam Core w/ Full Length Wood Stringer
Bottom Contour Single to Double Concaves
Tail Design Squash Tail
Finish Bamboo Veneer, Glossed & Polished
Fin Configuration 2+1 Fin Setup
Included Fins Hand Laid 8" Fiberglass Fin, 2 Side Fins
SUP Air Vent No Hassle Air Release Valve (Auto Vents)
Deck Pad Grooved White Deck Grip (Pre-Installed)
SUP Handle Grooved Carrying Handle
Leash Plugs Dual Leash Plugs for Security & Strength

Recommended Weight Limit

Beginners 202 LBs
Intermediate 221 LBs
Advanced 250 LBs

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