10'8" Soulr Woody SUP

10'8" Soulr Woody SUP
10'8" Soulr Woody SUP 10'8" Soulr Woody SUP 10'8" Soulr Woody SUP
Brand: Soulr
Product Code: 10-8-SUP-LWOOD-ST-2012

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This boards a real looker, don't you think? But beauty isn't just skin deep. This woody SUP features a hand-shaped XPS foam core, full length wood stringer and a 2+1 fin setup for added versatility. The epoxy resin is vacuum sealed with our premium 6 oz. + 6 oz. + 4 oz. fiberglass construction. It's a great board for exercising on flat water, or catching a few waves in the open ocean. The squash tail provides a great amount of surface area, helping to push the board into the wave with ease. And the dual leash plugs ensure you'll never rip one out on a big wipe out. If you want a retro-styled SUP which utilizes modern construction techniques, then look no further than the Soulr 10'8" Light Woody Paddle Board!

Features & Specs

Size 10'8" x 32" x 5"
Volume 175 Liters
Weight 27.3 LBs (12.4 KG)
Foam Hand Shaped XPS Foam Core w/ Full Length Wood Stringer
Bottom Contour Single to Double Concave
Tail Design Squash Tail
Finish Tri-Tone Woody Finish, Glossed & Polished
Fin Configuration 2+1 Fin Configuration
Included Fins Hand Laid 8" Fiberglass Fin and 2 Side Fins
SUP Air Vent No Hassle Air Release Valve (Auto Vents)
Deck Pad Grooved White Deck Grip (Pre-installed)
SUP Handle Grooved Carrying Handle
Leash Plugs Dual Leash Plugs for added security and strength

Recommended Weight Limit

Beginners 202 LBs
Intermediate 221 LBs
Advanced 250 LBs

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